"Smaller in number are we, but larger in mind" ~Yoda

Digital Forest Technologies

Established in 2016, Digital Forest is an IT Services Provider in the fast-paced online e-commerce space. We are a team of highly skilled individuals, providing the highest level of service to our customers in the APAC region, while harnessing the latest technologies and innovative ideas.


We believe in the endless potential of technology to continually reshape the world of online entertainment. It is our goal to discover and explore endless creative ways to harness this.

Our People

In Digital Forest, we work together as one global team with the same goals, and always support each other. Here "people" are our most valuable asset and the central core of our company. We have plenty of talented individuals who devote themselves to the company passionately with enthusiasm, making Digital Forest a better place every day!

Work Hard, Play Hard!

The energetic and eccentric crowd here will show you how it’s done! We take what we do seriously, but we also take living life seriously. From debating SQL vs PostgreSQL or R vs Python in the morning, to discussing the best place for a bite to eat at dawn, we find a perfect balance between work and play. We mean it when we say we take things seriously- we deliver the best technical solutions and we know how to party!

Working Environment

We bring the beauty of nature and home comforts into our work environment to stimulate our creativity and lateral thinking. Our environment inspires our colleagues to work from different areas in the office during their day while they take on some of the most monolithic challenges.